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Architecture Lab

This interactive website was produced as an outcome of the Architecture Lab, which was a part of ‘Folding Concrete’ , run by the Vann Molyvann Project.

Architecture Lab was a two-month research project. It acted as an opened architecture and research studio, designed to engage with students, architects, researchers and visitors, who visited the exhibition of ‘Folding Concrete’. It researched, archived, and interacted which in and around the context of Cambodian modern architecture, and the technologies of architecture today.

The lab was participated by architecture students and technologists, and opened to the public to see drawings and information panels and observing the processes of architects and architecture students as they collaborated to finalize surveys of buildings and generated a public database of measured drawings and research social histories.

‘Folding Concrete’ was an exhibition on Cambodian modern architecture and urbanism, co-curated by Pen Sereypagna and Vuth Lyno. It was a part of ‘Encounters with Southeast Asian Modernism’ , under artistic direction by Sally Below, Moritz Henning, Christian Hiller and Eduard Köegel, and supported by German Federal Foreign Office.

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